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2017 Kacper Krakowiński bei EDEKA

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Seit Anbeginn der Gemeindepartnerschaften, vor dem Erasmus der Eu war der Partnerschaftsverein bereits Ansprechstelle und Unterstützer bei der Durchführung von Praktika, sei es nun in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid oder in den Partnergemeinden Bicester (UK), Pays des Essarts (F) oder Czernichów (PL). In diesem Jahr, vom 05. bis 19. August, schnupperte Kacper Krokowinski aus der Gemeinde Czernichów bei der Fa. EDEKA-Kötter in das Berufsfeld des Einzelhändlers hinein. Untergtebracht war er bei Familie Zajonz. Vielen Dank an beide, Firma und Familie, für die tolle Unterstützung. Hier nun Kacpers Bericht in Englisch.

Report on foreign practice within the partnership
Kacper Krakowiński

In August of this year I have been working as a partner in Germany. The shop I attended was EDEKA, which was located in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid.
I got a fly from Katowice to Cologne. Later I was picked up by a member of the partnership and I finally came to a family who agreed to hosting me for two weeks.
On arrival I met my supervisors, who introduced me to my duties and rules in the store. The first day I spent on giving the goods on the shelves. In the next days I helped in the unloading of many other goods such as meats, dairy products, canned water, sweets, frozen food, etc. I spent at least 6 hours a day or longer depending on the intensity of the consumers.
The whole period time of practice was end very quickly. The staff I met were very nice, helpful and polite people, so the time I spent with them, I spent with pleasure. Also, if you do not know the language perfectly, there is nothing to fear, because after a few days everyone will adapt to the culture.
It is worth to see that such a trip is not only work and study.
During free time, I rested in a group of very nice people, I visited the Cologne. In addition, the practice allowed me to learn about culture, customs and the environment of the region.
The trip was a great adventure, which not only taught me a lot, but also provided great memories.
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